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MPR: “Franken pushes bill aimed at ‘stalking’ apps”

Sen. Franken spoke to MPR's Cathy Wurzer about his efforts to pass legislation to stop technology that tracks your location through your smartphone without your knowledge. MPR reported:

Thursday, Mar 27  | 

The Star Tribune: “Franken wants free school lunch for more low-income students”

Sen. Franken believes that children learn better when they aren't hungry. And for some kids, a nutritious school lunch may be the only meal they receive during the day. To help ensure that school children aren't refused lunch because they can't afford it, he's proposed a new measure that would help states cover the cost of lunch for low-income students. The Star Tribune reported on Sen. Franken's recent visit to Meadow Lake Elementary School in New Hope:

Thursday, Mar 20  | 

ARS Technica: “Al Franken: Don’t let Comcast ‘manipulate Internet traffic’”

Sen. Franken—one of the most vocal advocates for net neutrality—has expressed his concern about the proposed Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal. He recently stepped up his opposition to the accusation by asking the Department of Justice to examine the net neutrality implications of the proposed acquisition.

Wednesday, Mar 19  | 

ABC News: Sen. Franken Hosts 4th Annual Hotdish Competition

Sen. Franken was joined by the entire Minnesota congressional delegation for his 4th annual Hotdish Off. The friendly, bipartisan competition showcased the lawmakers' cooking skills-each member made their own hotdish, and two former Minnesota congressmen judged the dishes. For the second straight year, Rep. Tim Walz from southern Minnesota took home the grand prize with his "Turkey Trot Tater Tot Hotdish."

Wednesday, Mar 12  | 

In Letter to Sen. Franken, Netflix Says Competition & Consumers Will Suffer if Comcast/Time Warner Cable Deal is Approved

Netflix Says Comcast Will Use Market Power to Extract Tolls from Internet Content Providers; Franken Says Proposed Acquisition Would Give Comcast Power and Incentive to be Gatekeeper on Internet, Raising Costs & Limiting Consumer Choice

Thursday, Apr 24  | 

After Sen. Franken Presses to Fix Poor Rail Service in MN, Key Oversight Board Directs Rail Companies to Take Action

Click here to read about how after Sen. Al Franken pressed a key rail oversight board to address the poor rail service that has plagued Minnesota, the panel announced that it has directed two major rail companies that serve Minnesota to take an important step to address the problem.

Wednesday, Apr 16  | 

Sen. Franken Asks Netflix to Explain if Comcast/Time Warner Cable Deal Will Hurt Internet Consumers, Stymie Innovation

Sen. Al Franken expressed concern in a letter to Netflix that the massive deal would give Comcast the power and incentive to act as a gatekeeper for traffic on the Internet, giving it an advantage over competitors in the online content market and threatening the open nature of the Internet.

Wednesday, Apr 16  | 

Sen. Franken to Announce Federal Measure to Ensure No Minnesota Child is Denied School Lunch

On Monday, March 17, U.S. Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) will announce his federal legislation to ensure that every student in Minnesota and across the country can receive school lunch each day. His legislation would allow Minnesota and other states to use the millions of dollars they spend to provide lunches on other educational needs.

Monday, Mar 17  | 

Recipes from the Fourth Annual Minnesota Congressional Delegation Hotdish Off

Click here to see the recipes from the fourth annual Minnesota Congressional Hotdish Off

Wednesday, Mar 12  | 

Information on Propane Shortage Assistance

Click here to find out more information on assistance to deal with the emergency propane shortage in Minnesota.

Thursday, Jan 30  | 

Sen. Franken Vows to Keep Fighting for Struggling Families as Efforts to Extend Unemployment Insurance

Sen. Franken was proud to be part of a bipartisan effort to extend Unemployment Insurance for millions of people in Minnesota and across the country. Click here to read more.

Tuesday, Jan 7  | 

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