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Emergency Homeowners Loan Program


The Emergency Homeowners Loan Program (EHLP) will help struggling homeowners pay their mortgages and stay in their homes.

The EHLP was created by the Wall Street Reform bill in 2010. The program will offer zero interest, forgivable bridge loans to homeowners who have experienced a substantial loss of income (at least 15%) due to unemployment or underemployment caused by the poor economy or a medical condition. Approved homeowners are eligible to receive one-time EHLP assistance to help with overdue payments to bring them current, as well as ongoing monthly assistance to help them to make their monthly first lien mortgage payments (including payments of principal, interest, taxes, and insurances). Assistance is limited to a maximum duration of 24 months, or up to a maximum loan amount of $50,000 in mortgage payment assistance, whichever occurs first. The EHLP loan is secured by a junior lien against the approved homeowner's principal residence and is forgivable over a 5-year principal reduction period.

There are several conditions that must be me in order to eligible for an EHLP loan:

  • Income Limit: Applicant has a total household income equal to, or less than, the greater of either $75,000 or 120 percent of the Area Median Income (AMI) for a household size of four (4) persons previous to loss of income resulting from involuntary unemployment, underemployment, and/or medical emergency/serious injury.
  • Delinquency: Applicant must be at least three months delinquent on mortgage payments, as signified by notification by their lender/servicer.
  • Likelihood of Foreclosure: Applicant must have received notification of their lender's/servicer's intention to foreclose on their mortgage as a result of the delinquency, and must also certify to the likelihood that their mortgage will be foreclosed upon.
  • Ability to Resume Payment: Applicant can be determined to have a reasonable likelihood of being able to resume repayment of the first mortgage obligations within 2 years, and meet other housing expenses and debt obligations when the household income rises above 85% of the previous level.
  • Principal Residence: Applicant must reside in the mortgaged property as their principal residence, both at time of application and for the duration of the program loan period. The mortgaged property must also be a single family residence (1 to 4 unit structure or condominium unit).

To find out if you are potentially eligible for an EHLP loan, fill out the short quiz on the HUD website.

For more details on what expenses are eligible for EHLP loan assistance see the Housing and Urban Development website.


The NeighborWorks website has a detailed explanation of how to apply for an EHLP loan. Homeowners interested in applying must first fill out a Pre-Applicant Screening Worksheet (PDF). There is no charge for applying for an EHLP loan, however because a limited amount of resources not every qualified applicant will receive a loan. People interested in applying should look at the Frequently Asked Questions (PDF) about the program and the Resources section of the NeighborWorks website.

The HUD EHLP resource page also has the EHLP hotline (855-346-3345), an email to send questions to (, and a list of other resources for people with questions or who need more immediate assistance on their mortgage.

As always, if you need any additional assistance please contact Sen. Franken's office. You can also visit the Minnesota Home Ownership Center or the Minnesota Housing Department.

The pre-applications should be turned into an EHLP agency.

Minnesota Home Ownership Center (Note: The Minnesota Home Ownership Center is Accepting Pre-Applications until September 15th.

CredAbility - National Hotline

Homeownership Preservation Foundation - National Hotline

Money Management International, Inc. - National Hotline

Operation HOPE

Springboard Non Profit Consumer Credit Management, Inc. - National Hotline

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