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In this section you can learn more about my views and record on the many public policy issues that affect the people of Minnesota and the United States. To read a summary of my record of legislative accomplishments and working for Minnesotans, click here. Select from the list to find out more about specific issues and legislative action that I’ve taken in each area. A full list of my legislation and votes can be found at the Library of Congress


  • Agriculture and Rural Issues

    Agriculture and strong rural communities are central to Minnesota's economy and culture.

  • Civil Rights

    Martin Luther King, Jr. challenged each of us never to stay neutral in the face of injustice.

  • Consumer Protection

    Navigating the American marketplace can be an overwhelming experience, and Minnesotans should feel confident that all of the products they buy meet acceptable standards of quality and safety.

  • Crime

    I believe our best bet in the battle against crime is to give our law enforcement officers the resources and training they need to do their jobs right. 

  • Economy and Jobs

    As Minnesotans struggle looking for work, Congress needs to enact legislation that creates jobs, spurs economic growth, and provides an adequate safety net for workers who lose their jobs through no fault of their own.

  • Education

    Minnesota continues to be a national leader in education.

  • Energy & Environment

    Minnesota has a strong, proud tradition of being a national leader in responsible environmental stewardship and clean energy development.

  • Executive Branch and Judicial Nominations

    The Senate has an important role to play in giving the President its "advice and consent" on nominations, and I take that role very seriously.

  • Health Care

    Minnesota has historically been a leader in health coverage and high quality health care, but more can be done.

  • Indian Affairs

    Minnesota's 12 Indian tribes make up an important part of our state's culture, traditions, and economy.

  • Retirement Security

    I believe that a good day's work should earn a good day's pay and that a lifetime of hard work should earn a secure and comfortable retirement. 

  • Transportation & Infrastructure

    Our nation's transportation and infrastructure policies must be comprehensive, equitable, and forward thinking.

  • Veterans, Defense & Foreign Affairs

    Helping to ensure our national security is my most solemn responsibility as a United States Senator.

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