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WATCH: Sen. Franken Continues Fight to Rein in Sky-High Prescription Drug Prices for Minnesotans

At Bipartisan Hearing Secured at Sen. Franken’s Urging, Heartfelt Stories of Minnesotans Struggling to Afford Prescriptions Take Spotlight; Senator Pushes for his Comprehensive Proposal to Bring Down Rx Drug Costs

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

In a bipartisan Senate Health Committee hearing that he successfully helped secure, Sen. Al Franken highlighted several stories of Minnesotans who are struggling to keep up with the costs of their prescriptions as a way to underscore the importance of passing his comprehensive legislation to rein in drug prices.

"No one should be forced to go hungry or skip a payment on their mortgage in order to afford their medicine, but as I've traveled across my state, I've heard from one Minnesotan after another who have had to face impossible choices like this on a daily basis." said Sen. Franken, a member of the Senate Health Committee. "For too long, drug companies have been putting profits before people and setting prices far beyond the reach of many Americans, and my colleagues on both sides of the aisle have been hearing similar stories from their constituents and recognize that it's time for Congress to act. That's why I was pleased to have led the effort to secure today's bipartisan hearing, and hope that we can continue to work together to make drugs more affordable for all Americans. I worked with 15 of my colleagues to introduce comprehensive legislation to improve and bring down the cost of prescription drugs, and I'm going to keep fighting for real solutions to real problems facing Minnesotans.

"I also hope that my Republican colleagues-who are currently working behind closed doors on a secret version of the terrible health plan that passed the House last month-will stop playing games with the health care of tens of millions of Americans and take today's hearing as a model for what we should have been doing all along: working in an open and bipartisan fashion to build on what's working in the Affordable Care Act and fix what doesn't. The American people deserve nothing less."

You can watch a video of Sen. Franken's questioning here and here. You can read more stories of Americans from across the country who are struggling with prescription drug costs by clicking here.

An overwhelming majority of Americans agree that prescription drug prices are too high and that we need action to lower prices. Recently, Sen. Franken introduced a landmark bill, the Improving Access to Affordable Prescription Drugs Act, to help ensure that drug companies put patients before profits and bring some much-needed relief to families and seniors who are being stretched thin by high prescription costs. During today's hearing, Sen. Franken took time to shine light on the problem, explain how his legislation could help millions of Americans, and save tens of billions of dollars each year. 


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